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Non Ferromagnetic Materials Eddy Current Testing Equipment 60KHz Classification Of Metal

Non Ferromagnetic Materials Eddy Current Testing Equipment 60KHz Classification Of Metal
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Measurement Technology: Eddy Current
Operating Frequency: 60KHz
Display Screen: Liquid Crystal Big Screen, Back-light Designed
L*B*H: 220*95*55 Mm
Memory: 4000 Groups Data
Weight: Main Unit 500g
Display Unit: MS/m And %IACS
Battery: Lithium Ion Battery Of 2200mA/h
Interface Port: RS 232 Interface
Measuring Range: 0.51%~112%IACS (full Measuring Range)
Product Name: Eddy Current Conductivity Tester
High Light:

60khz eddy current testing equipment


metal classification eddy current testing equipment


non ferromagnetic materials eddy current equipment

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Beijing
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: ISO, CE, GOST
Model Number: HEC-103A1
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard export package
Delivery Time: 1-4days
Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500pcs per month
Product Description

Measurement Of Conductivity And Resistivity Of Non-Ferromagnetic Materials Classification Of Metal and Determination of metal purity



Main Application

  • Can distinguish and test metal alloys
  • Can test heat-treating state, during manufacturing, as well as inspecting over-heated damage during service (such as airplane)
  • Can detect grades of materials
  • Use for metal classification
  • To detect the density of powder-metallurgical parts
  • To detect the conductivity of conductors during manufacturing and servicing.

Main Features

  • Modern appearance, easy to carry about and grasp, simple and convenient to use.
  • Large screen, big character typeface; displaying measured result, working frequency, temperature, temperature coefficient, etc. simultaneously.
  • Back-light illumination for reading measured data in poor-light environment.
  • Special temperature coefficient setting and auto calibrating mode, convenient and reliable for user to operate.
  • New design of lift-off compensation and temperature compensation of the instrument to ensure the precision of measurement.
  • With interchangeable probes of the instrument, the user oneself is able to change probes provided by our company without matching, no need to send back to factory.
  • With built-in data memory, enough to record 4000 groups of measured data and important measuring parameter; to connect to a computer for forming a complete report.
  • Two kinds of measuring units (MS/m or %IACS) for convenient selection. It is easy to switch to resistivity value directly on the measurement interface.
  • Two kinds of language selection: Japanese and English.

Technical parameters



HEC-103A1 HEC-103A
Working Freq. 60KHz, sine wave 60KHz, sine wave
Measurement range for conductivity 7.76 %IACS to 112 %IACS, or 4.5 MS/m to 65 MS/m or resistivity 0.01538 to 0.22222Ω•mm²/m 0.51 %IACS to 112 %IACS, or 0.3 MS/m to 65 MS/m, or resistivity 0.015388 to3.33333Ω•mm²/m
Resolving power

0.01%IACS(when <51%IACS);

0.1%IACS(51%IACS to 112%IACS )

Measuring precision ±1% ( temp range, 0℃ to 40℃) ±0.5%( temp range, 20℃)
Lift-off effect Probe compensation 0.5mm
Temp. measurement 0℃ to +50℃(precision 0.5℃)
Function of auto compensation Measured result of conductivity, adjusting to value at temp. 20℃ automatically
Normal working environment Temp. 0℃ to +50℃; relative humidity, 0 to 95%
Display Liquid crystal big screen, back-light designed, multiple items of important parameter displayed simultaneously.
Power supply Equipped with a lithium ion battery of 2200mA/h
Probes One probe of diameter ¢14mm, working freq. 60KHz, for instrument model 103A and 103A1; Probes are interchangeable.
Reading memory Storage for 4000 groups of measured data files.
Communication with PC machine RS 232 interface
Weight of host machine 0.5kg (including batteries)
Dimension of host machine 220mmx95mmx55mm
Shell of instrument Engineering plastic, high impact-resistance, waterproof shell for this instrument
Package and protection

High impact-resistance, waterproof, portable box made of aluminum alloy; inside of it there is instrument, probes, communication cable, operation manual, conductivity blocks, recharger, instrument stand, 

conductivity blocks, recharger, instrument stand,conductivity blocks, recharger, instrument stand,U disk

Accessories 2 pieces of standard conductivity blocks for model HEC-103A1; 3 pieces of standard conductivity blocks for model HEC-103A. You can purchase more blocks if you wish.


Standard accessories:

Main unit HEC-103A1 1pc, probe 14mm diameter 60KHz, communication cable, operation manual, calibration certificate, recharger, instrument stand, U- disk (or optical disk),


2 pieces of standard conductivity blocks for model HEC-103A1; 3 pieces of standard conductivity blocks for model HEC-103A

60KHz can test the workpiece thickness not less than 3.6mm, if you have thinner parts to be tested, you can choose model HEC-103B with 500KHz probe, it can test 1.3mm thickness.


Optional accessories:

Conductivity blocks

Leather protective sleeve


The primary indexes comparing of

HEC-103A and HEC-103A1 eddy current conductivity meters




Measurement range Lift-off Working Freq. Measurement area Camber measurement Auto. Compensation Reading memory





(full measuring range)

0.5mm 60KHz Minimum of 14mm None

Two temperature compensation modes

Same or different temperature condition


Save 4000 sets of data, and can upload to the computer ±0.5% of measurements
HEC-103A1 7.76~112%IACS


  1. Testing range:

The measurement range of model HEC-103A, 103B, 103B1 is large. Besides copper, copper alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloy, the instrument can also measure titanium,titanium alloy and other low conductivity non-ferrous metal. It is real full measuring range instrument. You needn’t separately buy high or low conductivity instrument, but one our instrument is enough.


  1. Lift-off compensation

Lift-off compensation is a important parameter of eddy current conductivity meter, which means the instrument’s capacity for overcoming the non-conductive layer (as paint, coating, etc.) above the tested material. Model HEC-103A, 103A1, 103B or 103B1 is the same as all top brand same type instrument and the only instrument whose lift-off compensation is up to 0.5mm. Even if there are coating, paint, or other impurity and rough surface above the tested material, you could get the accurate testing data only if the gap is less than 0.5mm.


  1. Working frequency

The currently used working frequencies are 60 KHz and 500 KHz, 60 KHz for aviation industry standard, 500 KHz for detecting sheet metal. Model B is the only instrument, which has a high and a low frequency probes and the high frequency probe is up to 500 KHz. The high frequency probe can be used for super thin workpiece whose thickness is 0.1mm to 0.3mm, so you no longer need to worry about measuring super thin workpieces.


  1. Measurement area

The diameter of eddy current conductivity meter’s probe is usually between 13mm and 14mm, but model HEC-103B standard delivery has such a big probe and a small probe whose diameter is 8mm. The probe is used of electromagnetic shielding technology, that the measured material needn’t be more than twice the size of probe. It can measure the small workpiece with the minimum value of 8mm, so you no longer need to worry about measuring small workpieces.


  1. Measuring camber and rapid sorting

Model HEC-103B has unique camber modification technology, with the special camber measurement mode and “∧” shape probe cover, the camber material can be measured stably.

Model HEC-103B has continuity measurement function, which can help you to sort materials quickly by setting the upper and lower bound warning, in order to maximize efficiency.


  1. Temperature compensation

The other instruments have only virtual temperature compensation mode, which can measure accurately only when the calibration standard block’ temperature is same as the measured material. Model HEC-103B used the advanced technology from Germany. It is the instrument which has the real full-automatic temperature compensation. Even if the block’s temperature is different with the material, it could automatically compensate the standard values.


  1. Data storage

All models can save 500 set dates. It can be set as auto-saving without affecting the operating speed. You no longer need to take notes but easily view the measurements at any time, that also reduce manual error rate. All models HUATEC except HEC-101 instruments can connect the computer and upload data to the computer to organize and print


  1. Measurement accuracy

Each model’s indicators and functions are different from the other, but the most critical parameter called measurement accuracy of instrument is uncompromising. All models’ accuracy is up to ±0.5% ~ ±1% as the foreign same type instrument, to ensure the most precise measurements.


  1. Measurement parameter

Every models have three kinds of measurement parameters are “MS/m”, “%IACS” and “ῼ • mm²/m”, one keyboard toggle without manual handling, be wonderfully easy to use.


  1. Protective sleeve, optional as order for model HEC-103A and HEC-103A1.



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