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200klx Penetrant Testing Pocket Luminometer Industrial Field Illuminance Measurement

200klx Penetrant Testing Pocket Luminometer Industrial Field Illuminance Measurement
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Material: ABS
Color: White
Range: 1lx-200klx
High Light:

dye flaw detection


penetrant test block

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Beijing
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: CE ISO
Model Number: LX-100
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard carton box
Delivery Time: 3 working days
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 500pcs per month
Product Description

Pocket Luminometer industrial field illuminance measurement 200klx




HUATEC LX-100 Pocket Luminometer Meter is a high-precision, low power consumption, small size, stable performance, easy to use, portable, it mainly used in industrial field illuminance measurements



2.Characteristic200klx Penetrant Testing Pocket Luminometer Industrial Field Illuminance Measurement 0
1, Wide measurement range, fourth gear ten times the measure range switch automatically;
2, low power consumption, 9V laminated cell power-up, low-voltage directives;
3, the detector V (λ) to amend a high level, reaching the national level meter requirements;
4, four liquid crystal display and the angle of field view larger than 60 degrees;

3.The basic principles
Instrument mainly consist of detector and the secondary instrument. Photometric testing of various physical quantities affect the precision of the key is the light sensitivity of detector response curve of the human visual system function V (λ) amendments.Due to the silicon photovoltaic cells have a long-term stability and life, so it is widely used in the photometric test, but the spectral sensitivity of silicon photovoltaic cells to respond to the standard curve and CIE1931 human visual function V (λ) have greater difference.The international community generally use a specially designed color filter to amend the curve,the amendment level directly affects test accuracy of the instrument.The detector V (λ) to amend a high level, reaching the national level requirements of meters.The structure diagram shown in Figure 1.

Photometric signal tested is generated by V (λ) detector to receive and convert into a photocurrent, photocurrent will amplify after converted into a voltage signal and then the module into a digital quantity, was read into the microprocessor.Microprocessor gets preload data multiplied by the scaling factor that is to be the final measurement results.Figure 2 shows the instrument block diagram.

4.Technical indicators
1, measuring range: 1lx ~ 200klx;
2, measurement accuracy: 1;

  1. Display Refresh Rate: 1 times / sec;
    4, Power Supply: 9V laminated battery;

5, power consumption: <20mW;
6, working environmental conditions: Temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃, humidity: "90%;
7 meter Size: 130mm × 65mm × 25mm;

5. Use instructions
1, installed the battery meter, open the instrument power switch;
2, connected to the light intensity V (λ) probe, open the probe cover will be placed in the measured probe position;
3, instrument displays the data shall be the location of the light degrees, the display window on the right of the arrows is the unit of "lx", or "klx", when the signal overflow, the window displays "-oL-";
4, when the battery is low, indicating the bottom left corner of low-voltage arrows; when the battery is running out, the display window displays the "batt", prompted the need to replace the battery in order to work;
5, instrumentation should promptly after the shutdown, if the continuous operation for about 30 minutes later, there is no shutdown, will automatically shut down.

6. Notes
1. Should pay attention to maintaining the detector surface clean, do not use should be promptly stamped with the probe cover;
2. Instrument with the detector is equipped with one to one replacement of the probe to be re-calibration after the device;
3. Do not use instruments should be promptly shut down, power should be enough time to replace the battery, a long time when not in use, should remove the battery.


200klx Penetrant Testing Pocket Luminometer Industrial Field Illuminance Measurement 1



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