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Iso-7668 Paint Gloss Meter 2000 Gu Handheld Tri Angles Tri Digital

Iso-7668 Paint Gloss Meter  2000 Gu Handheld Tri Angles Tri Digital
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Measuring Range: 0-2000Gu
Readout Error: 0-199<2 Gu,200-2000<1% Gu
Stability: <2 Gu/30min
Measureing Window Size: 16×48(mm)ellipse
Angles: 20°, 60°,85°
Size: 138×36×82 (mm)
Power Supply: 4.8V (Rechargeable Battery Inside)
Product Name: Gloss Meter For Paint
High Light:

iso-7668 paint gloss meter


2000 gu paint gloss meter


tri angles gloss meter for paint

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Beijing
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: ISO, CE, GOST
Model Number: HGM-B268M
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard export package
Delivery Time: 1-4days
Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500pcs per month
Product Description

ISO-2813,ISO-7668 2000 Gu Handheld Tri Angles Tri Digital Gloss Meter For Paint


Reference standard and applicable scope

HGM-B268M. The gloss meter executive the ISO-2813,ISO-7668,GB8807 standard which is the high accuracy, the miniaturized gloss meter. Test with three angles of 20,60 and 85 degree of angle.



●All kinds of coating and finishing surfaces, such as paints, varnishes, printing ink, etc.
●Decorative materials, such as metal, marble, granite, polishing brick, ceramic tile and so on.
●The other kinds of materials and objects, such as plastic, woodenware, paper, etc.


Technical parameter

The technical parameters up to JJG 696 (First-level standard).

(1)display range of:0~2000(Gu)

(2)display error:0-199<2 Gu,200-2000<1% Gu

(3)angle: 20°, 60°,85°

(4)stability:<2 Gu/30min

(5)measurement spot:16×48(mm)ellipse

(6)dimension:138×36×82 (mm)

(7)power supply:4.8V (Rechargeable battery inside)


1. Small and light, real easy to be carried and used.
2. 4.8V Rechargeable battery can be used for almost 60 hours and 10000 reading.
3. High stability
4. Long-term stable light source needs no replacing forever.
5. Quartz crystal standard board, no excursion.



Press the switch equipment in the measurement mode, the instrument on the sample, the value of the samples showed that the value of the gloss (Gs). When the measurement is greater than 2000Gu, showed that "OVER" the words.

When electric quantity insufficiency demonstrated that “bAtt” the inscription, this time should with the special-purpose charging source charge, the charging source plug insert promptly to the instrument side charge plug on, duration of charging about four hours. Charge standard “⊕”, when charge on the kneading board led is lightened.

When the power is low show "bAtt" words, at this time should be used in time-specific charge rechargeable power supply, rechargeable power supply plug into sockets on the equipment side of the charge, charge time in about four hours. Charging standard "⊕", led the charge when the panels were lit.

When the standard equipment on board and show that numerical standards board is greater than the difference between the nominal value of 1.2 gloss units, the following methods should be calibrated
Measuring instruments on the window and down the board, press the "home / home zero" key, show value for the 0.0 at this time.
A black glass plate instead of the standard black-velvet panels, measuring instruments on the window, rather than pressing the "calibration / measurement of" key, set to enter the state, showed that at this time, "000.0" and the first "0" flashes. Rather than pressing the "shift" key-flashing shifted to right, rather than pressing the "home / home zero" key "flicker" values change from 0-9-0, through pressed "shift" and "home / home zero" Made with numerical keys and display glass panels with a nominal value of the same standard, at this time rather than pressing the "calibration / measurement," the completion of key settings. Then white ceramic standard equipment on board, show value and the standard white ceramic plate with a nominal value of the error should not be greater than ± 1.2 gloss units, or else should be considered standard dirty plates. After the completion of the above-mentioned steps can be measured samples.


Contents of this instrument 4 rechargeable batteries,
Package of instruments include:
Host a standard set of plates: black and white piece of the board, board zero a (standard on black velvet box), a manual, a certificate, a charger, an instrument box.


Standard Delivery

Gloss meter 1pc
Instrument case 1pc
Standard board


A black board is used for the highlight calibration

A white board is used for the low light calibration

Battery charger 1pc
English instruction manual 1pc
Calibration certificate 1pc


HUATEC Gloss meter Reference angle for different application

Angle Point of reference for (foreign) (China)








ISO-2813 GB9754


ASTM-D2457 GB8807

high gloss paint, ink, plastic.




TAPPI-T653 GB8941.1

high gloss stencil, cast coated paper.



ISO-2767 GB8941-2 surface of aluminum and aluminum oxide.

ASTM-C346 GB/T3295

ASTM-D2457 GB8807

pottery, ceramic, plastic, plastic film, Stone
45° JIS-E8741 pottery, ceramic, plastic, plastic film, Stone




ISO-2813 GB9754

ASTM-C584 GB9966



ASTM-D2457 GB8807

Mid-gloss paint, ink, plastics, ceramics, stone.





TAPPI-T480 GB8941.3

copperplate paper

ISO-2813 GB9754



high gloss paint, ink, plastic.



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