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Distributed Emat Magnetic Thickness Measurement System With Multi Probes No Coupling

Distributed Emat Magnetic Thickness Measurement System With Multi Probes No Coupling
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Probe: Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Thickness Probe
Principle: Electromagnetic Ultrasonic EMAT
Thickness Measurement Accuracy: 0.04mm, Range 2~120 Mm (Steel)
Work Clearance / Lift Off:: ≤4mm
IP Protection: IP65
Sound Speed Range: 1000~9999 M/s, Adjustment Increment: 1 M/s
Product Name: Magnetic Corrosion Thickness Measurement Tester
High Light:

distributed ultrasonic thickness gauge


emat ultrasonic thickness gauge


no coupling ultrasonic thickness tester

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: ISO, CE, GOST
Model Number: TG-E19
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Packaging Details: Standard export package
Product Description

Distributed EMAT Magnetic Thickness Measurement System With Multy Probes No Coupling


In order to monitor the corrosion of pipelines at sea, we developed a kind of EMAT electromagnetic ultrasonic thickness measurement node-Mushroom head, which can be charged wirelessly. 


The EMAT system can test thickness with multy probes at same time with combined probes.


1. We have complete intellectual property rights in the development of electromagnetic ultrasonic sensors and thickness gauges. An important aspect of making monitoring products is to miniaturize the electromagnetic ultrasonic thickness gauge. In order to ensure that the detection accuracy and the detection range are not affected (240mm) , our miniaturization adopts corresponding hedging measures: the use of custom-made strong magnet, both to ensure the detection sensitivity, it can also make our monitoring node can be firmly adsorbed on the pipe to be measured. In the circuit, especially the step-up part, the volume is further reduced by redesigning and optimizing, using the high-efficiency step-up circuit (the cost will be increased) . In the data acquisition circuit, a single chip high-speed acquisition scheme is used to miniaturize the volume. Considering the harsh environment at sea, we use 316L stainless steel with strong anti-rust strength as the main body of the probe shell, the envelope size is smaller than D70MM * 140mm.


2,Lithium battery supply and wireless charging, most of the thickness monitoring conditions do not require high monitoring cycle-once a day or even once a week measurement can be used, so the use of built-in rechargeable lithium batteries for application, a single battery charge can last up to one year. Therefore, taking into account the waterproof requirements, we use the overall way of pouring glue, using wireless charging interface. Because of the low-power mode, only 1-2 times a year need to be maintained, these thickness nodes can work for a long time. After demonstration, the final determination of the use of no less than 2600mA battery power supply, to ensure that theMushroom head long-term monitoring application. Design Battery sealed cabin, to protect IP65 above the waterproof design. According to the need to design two models of wireless charging and battery replacement.


3,Data transmission to consider the use of the sea, to take into account the use of inspection and monitoring, the use of WIF data transmission, mobile phones as a hot, Mushroom head as a client to connect, you can do spot inspection; Considering that there is no 4G signal at sea, but there is a proprietary network, and considering that data traffic is not large, we are considering aggregating Wifi onto the beidou module to Beidou navigation system short messages to a terrestrial server. If you use 4G stations, the initial installation costs are high, about 100-200,000, but there is no continuing cost, using high-gain antenna directional transmission distance of up to 30 km.


Distributed Emat Magnetic Thickness Measurement System With Multi Probes No Coupling 0


4. mushroom head binding, in order to facilitate the installation of firmly in the pipe, we will develop some tools and binding measures (mainly plastic parts) , as accessories to the user.

5. software for the system we developed a mobile phone App (can access a single point, can also access the server) , cloud platform data management, software, client data processing software.

6. implementation cycle, the first set of systems, involving the opening of the mold, build the network, development of supporting software, period of about 4-6 months (if the use of base station, cycle should be extended accordingly) . After mass production is the standard, the network only involves configuration issues, the supply cycle for orders within 10 working days. For spot check needs, can purchase our TG-14 EMAT pen electromagnetic ultrasonic thickness gauge. This product uses the aluminum alloy shell, strong and durable, and has the strong anti-interference ability. Small size, easy to carry, suitable for on-site inspection.


7.Technical specification for TG-14 EMAT pen electromagnetic ultrasonic thickness gauge


Measuring range: 1.5~240mm

Lifting clearance: 0~3mm

Receiving gain: ≤ 100dB

Operating frequency: 4MHz

Ambient temperature: -20 ° C to +50

High temperature sound speed compensation: automatic compensation

Temperature range: -150~800℃(higher temperature can be customized)

Probe type: standard room temperature probe, optional high temperature, high frequency probe, high temperature low frequency probe, B scanning probe

Resolution: 0.01mm

Adjustable range of sound speed: 1000~9999m/s

Continuous working time: 3h

Size: 151*76*35mm

Weight: 220g

Excitation mode: permanent magnet

Error range: ≤10mm, error ±0.05mm (> 10 mm + / - 0.01 + H / 200) mm (H is the thickness of the workpiece)

Power supply: lithium rechargeable battery






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