Tin Plating On Copper Galvanized Layer Coating Thickness Gauge Multifunction
Tin Plating On Copper Galvanized Layer Coating Thickness Gauge Multifunction
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Beijing
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: ISO CE
Model Number: TG-6105
High Light:

coating thickness gauge multifunction


coating thickness tester multifunction


backlight coating thickness gauge

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard export package
Delivery Time: 1-4days
Supply Ability: 500 per months
Material: ABS
Accuracy: ±[(1~2)%H+1] Um
Display Value: Display Both Thickness And Weight Measurements Directly
Interface: Mini-USB Interface For Communication
Online Testing: Optional
Testing Range: 0 ~ 1500 Um 0 ~ 10000 Um Optional
Eddy Current And Magnetic Induction: Non-magnetic Coating On Magnetic Metal Substrate,Non-conductive Coating On Non-magnetic Metal Substrate
Density Range: 0.01 ~ 99.99 G/cm3
Testing Times: 3 Times Per Second
Display: FSTN LCD Display With Backlight
Display Content: Coating Thickness Value, Coating Weight Value, Density Value, Time, Stability, Battery, Measuring Mode, Etc
Coating: Tin Plating On Copper
Real Time Temperature Compensation: Included
Standard: JJG 818 -- 2018 GB/T 4956 -- 2003
Product Description

Tin Plating On Copper Galvanized Layer Multifunction Coating Thickness Measuring Instrument
Tin plating on copper galvanized layer multifunction coating thickness gauge
TG-6105 is a magnetic and eddy current portable coating thickness gauge, It can quickly, without damage, the precision to measure magnetic metal substrates (such as steel, iron, alloy and hard magnetic steel, etc.) on the magnetic coating thickness (such as zinc, aluminum, chromium, copper, rubber, paint, etc.) and nonmagnetic metal substrates (such as copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, etc.) on the conductive layer thickness (such as rubber, paint, plastic, anodic oxidation film, etc.),
Can be used in the laboratory, Can also be used in engineering site, is widely used in manufacturing, metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other testing fields, is the material protection professional necessary instrument.

  • GB/T 4956 -- 2003 Measurement of coating thickness of nonmagnetic coatings on magnetic substrates -- Magnetic method
  • GB/T 4957 -- 2003 Measurement of coating thickness of nonconductive coatings on nonmagnetic matrix metals by eddy current method
  • JJG 818 -- 2018 Magnetic and eddy current type coating thickness measuring instrument
  • JB/T 8393 -- 1996 Magnetic and eddy current type coating thickness measuring instrument
  • GB/T 15675-2008 Continuous electrogalvanizing, zinc-nickel alloy coated steel plate and steel strip
  • GB/T 2518-2008 Continuous hot dip galvanized steel sheet and steel strip

Tin Plating On Copper Galvanized Layer Coating Thickness Gauge Multifunction 0
NM:Probe type, T:Tin plating on copper, C:Real time temperature compensation,P: single

  • adopts high-precision sampling chip and special calibration model, with advanced real-time temperature compensation technology, can achieve full range of accurate measurement, and can accurately measure the thickness of ultra-thin electroplating and oxide layer below 20um
  • can be measured at the same time galvanized layer thickness and unit weight (gram version)
  • supports a variety of probe specifications, the probe can be re-matched with the main instrument after wear, effectively prolonging the probe service life
  • has high precision single point measurement, scanning measurement, unit weight measurement (gram weight version TG-6105P), difference measurement, average measurement and other measurement modes
  • has zero point calibration, one point calibration, two point calibration and basic calibration functions, can automatically correct the system error
  • has the function of data storage, and can be grouped to the saved data for statistical analysis
  • can set the upper and lower limits of thickness value, beyond the range of automatic buzzing alarm
  • with coupling state prompt function, intuitive grasp of the measurement state
  • displays rich information, including thickness value, coupling state, electric quantity information, test time, storage state, etc
  • Built-in Bluetooth module (optional Bluetooth version) and Mini-USB interface, optional Bluetooth printer, and can communicate with PC or intelligent terminal devices for wired and wireless data transmission
  • supports real-time online measurement, instruction control (instruction version), the host software can be upgraded
  • can be equipped with RS232, RS485 communication interface, optional for on line model
  • can be customized thickness measuring module and thickness measuring sensor

Technical Parameters:

Display accuracy 0.1 um(0 ~ 99.9 um),1um(100 ~ 10000 um),0.1g/㎡(model TG-6105P)
Calibration Mode Zero, One-Point, Two-Point and Basic Calibration
Measuring mode Single point, scan mode, weight mode,differential mode, Mean value model,alarm mode
Display English / Chinese selectable, FSTN LCD Display with backlight
Screen display Thickness measurement value, unit weight measurement value, density set value, date, time, coupling state, Bluetooth state (optional), power indicator, measurement mode, probe type, real-time temperature compensation state, data storage state, storage file state, etc
Data memory 500 measurements, including time, probe type, etc.
Communication Bluetooth (optional) & Mini-USB interface, virtual serial port protocol, support online measurement with PC or Smart Phones, host software upgradable
Data printing Optional portable Bluetooth thermal printers
Power supply 3 * AAA alkaline batteries for 100 hours usage (close backlight)
Power off Timeout power off, and low battery power off
Temperature Usage: -10 ~ 50 °C, Store: -30 ~ 60 °C
Size and weight 150mm*70mm*30mm / about 160g(no battery)
Material ABS and PC alloy(IP67)

TG-6105 series probe guide

Probe type F probe (Magnetic induction) N probe(eddy current)
Usage Non-magnetic coating on magnetic metal substrate Non-conductive coating on non-magnetic metal substrate
Probe type FM FL FX FT FS FH NM NL
Measuring range(μm) 0 ~ 1500 0 ~ 3000 0~10000 0 ~ 1500 0 ~ 500 0 ~ 3000 0 ~ 1500 0 ~ 3000
Measuring accuracy(μm) Basic calibration ±(0.5+1% H) ±(1+2% H) ±(1+3% H) ±(1+1% H) ±(0.5+1% H) ±(1+2% H) ±(0.5+1% H) ±(1+2% H)
Zero point calibration ±(1+2% H) ±(1+3% H) ±(2+5% H) ±(1+2% H) ±(1+2% H) ±(1+3% H) ±(1+2% H) ±(1+3% H)
Min. Radius of Curvature convex 1.5mm convex 1.5mm convex 10mm convex 1.5mm convex 1mm convex 1.5mm convex 3mm convex 6mm
Min. Radius of Area Φ7mm Φ7mm Φ40mm Φ7 mm Φ3mm Φ7mm Φ5mm Φ7mm
Critical Thickness of Plate 0.5mm 0.5mm 2mm 0.5 mm 0.2 mm 0.5 mm 0.3 mm 1 mm
Temperature(°C) 0 ~ 50 0 ~ 50 0 ~ 50 0 ~ 50 0 ~ 50 0 ~ 300 0 ~ 50 0 ~ 50
Measuring direction down down down angle probe down down down down
Common Scope of Application

Standard probe
Conventional coating paint layer, etc

Thicker probe paint layer, spray coating, etc

Ultra-thick probe anticorrosion layer,
Fire protection layer etc.

The narrow area inside the pipe with right Angle probe Small probe, small workpiece, fastener, etc High temperature probe can withstand high temperature of 300℃

Standard probe oxide layer, spray coating,
Copper plated tin, chrome plated

Thicker probe coating, paint coating, etc

TG-6105 series model guide

Model Bluetooth Weight measuring Command control
TG-6105(basic) - - -
TG-6105B(bluetooth) - -
TG-6105P(gram weight) - -
TG-6105BP(bluetooth &weight) -
TG-6105OC(on line) - -
TG-6105OB(bluetooth & on line) -
TG-6105OP(gram weight & on line) -
TG-6105OBP(gram weight,bluttooth&on line)


Note: RS232/485 and other communication port optional for on line model


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