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250Kv X Ray Pipe Inspection Plc Controller Pipeline Crawlers

250Kv X Ray Pipe Inspection Plc Controller Pipeline Crawlers
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Pipe Range: Φ400-Φ1100mm
Pipe Voltage: 100-250Kv
Controller: PLC
Pnetration: 40mm
Tube: Ceramic Tube
Climbing Ability: 25°-30°
Product Name: X Ray Pipeline Crawler
High Light:

pipe inspection pipeline crawlers


250Kv pipeline crawlers


plc Controller pipeline crawlers

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Beijing
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: ISO, CE, GOST
Model Number: HXPC-100B1X
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard export package
Delivery Time: 7days
Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100pcs per month
Product Description

HUATEC HXPC-100B1X X Ray Pipe Inspection Ndt X Ray Equipment Ndt Pipeline X-Ray Crawler Pipeline Crawler X-Ray Machine


1 Overview

The X-ray Pipeline Crawler is a kind of central radiographic equipments for detecting pipeline welds in long-distance pipeline constructions. The X-ray pipe crawler can be guided into pipes by magnetic locator, and the center of the radiation field can be illuminated at the center of the weld bead. The whole welding joint can be detected in one exposure. Compared with directional radiators, X-ray pipeline crawlers have higher work efficiency but require lower labor intensity. X-ray pipeline crawlers are mainly used in petroleum pipelines, natural gas pipelines, thermal pipelines, etc.


2 Main charateristics

2.1 Unlike controlling the equipments via listening to sounds, manipulators can control the exposure moments and manipulate the X-ray pipeline crawlers to move forward or backward via magnetic orientator.

2.2 Magnetic locators have the following features: higher positional accuracy, strong penetrability, and higher stability. The magnetic transmitter is equipped with electric display.

2.3 The X-ray pipeline crawlers can display the voltage of the battery and directly judge the use of the battery.

2.4 The X-ray pipeline crawlers’ software is written with fault codes. Please refer to the fault code table to detect equipment malfunctions.

2.5 The X-ray pipeline crawler has smaller size, lighter weight, and it is more convenient for transportation and operation.

2.6 Equipped with all kinds of protection functions, including encountering water protection, 20 minutes no one operation protection, etc.

2.7 Users can replace the controller, the circuit board, and other parts easily due to modular design.

2.8 The generator adopts a small 2005 portable circumferential cone target flaw detector: the controller and the head of the machine are separated, which is more convenient for users to replace, debug, and test. If the generator is equipped with the controller, the whole set can be used as a portable flaw detector.

2.9 The crawler is equipped with false load, and the time is set for 0.2 minute. The crawler can simulate the real load working, such as exposure, moving forward or backward without connecting pipe head. This function enable users to learn how to locate and determine the fault.

2.10 The lengthening shaft adopts keyless connection, which is more convenient to replace.

2.11 The magnetic receiver has 8 gear ranges, which satisfy the requirements of different diameters.



3 Main technical parameters:

Crawler model HUATEC HXPC-100B1X
Applicable pipe inner diameter Φ400-1100 mm
Cleaning pipe optimum climbing slope 12°
controlling method Magnetic positioning
output voltage 150-250 kv
Output current 3 mA
exposure time 0-3 min
positioning accuracy ±5 mm
Travel speed 12 m/min
Battery voltage / capacity 108V/7AH,108V/12AH
Non-exposure walking distance 2000m
Applicable wall thickness ≤34mm
Crawler Total length mm 2100(car body1100mmshoe550mm)
Driving mode Single drive
focal spot size 2.0*2.0
X-ray radiation angle 360°*30°
Operating ambient temperature -20°C to +75°C
storage temperature 0°C to +60°C
Applicable environmental humidity ≤85%
Battery box weight 21Kg,42Kg
Generator weight 13kg
Climbing weight 30kg
The turning radius of the crawler 7D
Generator type HUATEC XXGH-2505



4 The composition of the crawler


# system composition quantity remarks
1 Crawler (car) 1 unit  
2 X-ray generator 1 unit  
3 battery 2 cases  
4 battery charger 2 unit  
5 Magnetic positioning transmitter 1 unit  
6 Magnetic positioning receiver 1 uni  
7 Magnetic positioning charger 1 unit  
8 Lengthening axis 1 set 6
9 Wheel (large) 1 set 6
10 Wheel (small) 1 set 6
11 Extended support plate 1 set 2
12 tool 1 set  
13 instructions 1 copy  
14 assembly drawing 1 set  
15 Fault comparison table 1 copy  





250Kv X Ray Pipe Inspection Plc Controller Pipeline Crawlers 0



5 Maintenance and notice in the use of crawler

5.1 The inner environment of the pipe shall be clean and meet the pipeline inspection standards. There must be no sand, no stone, no water or other debris.

5.2 Generator: the head should be placed vertically in transportation and tie tight in case of broken. The head of the generator should not be placed flat. If the generator has not been used for a long time, exposure several times (training machine) without films, from low kilovolt to high kilovolt.

5.3 Battery: make sure that the battery is full of electricity before working. The magnetic transmitter will show 100% if it is full of electricity. When the battery is fully charges, it will show charging completed. Press the second key on the left side of the crawler’s display board to show the voltage (to see how the battery works). The storage environment should comply with the national standards. The wet environment, high or low temperature are not suitable. If the battery has not been used for long-term, it must be re-charged monthly. Overcharging or under-charging will both decrease the life of the battery.

5.4 Crawler: the wheel, the long axis, and the connection support plate shall be connected firmly. Check whether the screw is loose or not regularly.

5.5 Magnetic locator: magnetic locator plays a very important role in the use of crawler! Falling will drop the accuracy and causing inaccurate positioning. Serious damage will cause the magnetic locator out of work.

5.6 When the magnetic emitter is pressed on the weld bead, operators can adjust the direction of the magnetic emitter, the sensitivity of the magnetic receiver and the height of the support rod.

5.7 The magnetic emitter has four lights: 1, power source 2, exposure 3, backlight 4, forward light. Exposure positioning process must be done when the exposure light is on. It is very important to NOT exposure when the forward or backward light is on.

5.8 The operators who use the transmitter should be very responsible, and know the operation and the sounds of the crawler professionally.

5.9 Compared with the cesium positioning, the magnetic positioning is more susceptible to various factors, but the positioning is environment-friendly. As long as the operators are proficient at the charactoristcs, the magnetic positioning can be used very well, such as electric welding machines, generators, automobiles etc.

5.10 Operators should marked the magnetic emitter’s direction and distance from weld bead (location distance) in every weld bead.


5.11 When the crawler moves forward or backward, the magnetic positioning should be placed at the exit 1.5 meters. When the pipe is out, there must be an operator to take care of it.

5.12 Pipe crawlers should be prevent from rain, water and sand, and must be cleaned on a regular basis.

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