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5inch Touch Screen SI PIN Portable Alloy Analyzer Fluorescence Spectrometer

5inch Touch Screen SI PIN Portable Alloy Analyzer Fluorescence Spectrometer
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Alloy Elements: 1. Elements From Sulfur (S) To Uranium (U) With Atomic Numbers Ranging From 16 To 92 2, Analysis Of The Main Elements In The Alloy: Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Se, Zr, Nb, Mo, Rh, Pd, Ag, Cd, Sn, Sb, Hf, Ta, Re, Pb, And Bi, Total 25 Elements (can Be
Excitation Source: 45KV/200uA-Integrated Micro X-ray Tube And High Voltage Source With Silver/Tungsten Target End Windows
Detector: SI-PIN X-ray Detector
Display: 1. Semi Transparent And Semi Reflective Industrial Grade Customized Touch Screen ≥ 5 Inches 2. Resolution 1080 * 720
File: E-mail Send, Bluetooth Synchronous Transmission, Software Synchronous Transmission
Camera: Optional
Data Transmission Method: Wifi、Bluetooth
Operating Environment Temperature And Humidity: Humidity≤90% -20℃ - +60℃
Product Name: Fluorescence Spectrometer
Fluorescence Thickness Measurement: Optional
Weight: ≤1.75KG(Including Battery)
Size: 245mm(L)X91mm(W)X319mm(H)
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Beijing
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: ISO CE
Model Number: HXRF-140JP
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard export package
Delivery Time: 6days
Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100pcs per month
Product Description

5inch Touch Screen Portable Alloy Analyzer Fluorescence Spectrometer 

Main features

1. Small, light and easy to carry, analyzer automatically power on when install with battery.

2. High-speed processing chip, advanced algorithm and high-responsive software, resulting in even faster analysis.

3. High-performance X-ray Tube, Ultra-high Resolution Detector combined with Digital Multi-channel Processing Technology, yielding super-high detection resolution.

4. Indicator alarm lights flash for safety purposes during measurement, green light is on while waiting time, red light is on while testing.

5. Big Industrial resistive touch screen 5inch, superior to capacitor screen in back-light and clearer against sunlight in the field. At the same time, people don't need to take off gloves when they are operating machine in some particular environment.

6. HXRF-140JP utilizes anti-slip, abrasion resistance and streamlined design, which is light and easy to carry. It also integrates the new high speed digital multi-channel technology, the new library grade base identification system and the super-FP algorithm. These features allow it to measure elements faster, with higher accuracy and greater repeatability.

7. Intelligent battery management exerts a real-time monitoring of the residual capacity of battery and backup battery through MSBUS bus.

8. Automatic switch to standby mode when not used and recovery after the machine is picked up, which saves power and extends working time; moreover, HXRF-140JP has a gravity sensing system which shuts down instrument automatically when it accidentally falls down, another safety consideration.

9. HXRF-140JP adjusts air pressure factor automatically based on altitude it has detected. This function increases excitation effect of light elements by 40% and that of rare earth elements by 30%.

10. HXRF-140JP is supportive to battery hot plug, hence battery can be replaced without powering off the machine.

11. On HXRF-140JP, users can download the reports by test results and others (such as product description, origin of products and batch number).

12. HXRF-140JP is built with double beam technology which can automatically sense whether there is a sample at the measurement window. This is also a safety and protection feature.

13. HXRF-140JP can be configured and maintained in a remote way via Internet.

14. HXRF-140JP's new algorithm optimizes the spectral resolution, so lower detection limits can be achieved, which are comparable with even large-scale lab instruments.

15. IP65 protective design

16. Data processing and enterprise resource planning (ERP) WIFI, wireless Bluetooth and other methods are used for data transmission. Files can be sent by E-mail, Bluetooth synchronous transmission and software synchronous transmission.

17. HXRF-140JP shows element symbols in English. With high precision, high testing speed and comparable results to even that of laboratory equipment, HXRF-140JP displays alloy grade and elements percentage content (up to three decimals) and ppm content in an apparent way.

18.One-touch operation, HXRF-140JP test lasts only a few seconds and identification of alloy grades takes only 1 or 2 seconds. This facilitates operation by non-technical users.

19. Built-in GPS can collect and record the geographical information of the test location in real time

20.Automatic intelligent energy calibration on startup without manual initialization calibration

21.Multi-level user management functions (multiple accounts can be created to ensure the corresponding user numbers, convenient management and data tracing)


Main application

1. Waste recycling and sorting

The recycling and reuse of waste metals, as well as the diverse types and materials of alloys, are analyzed, tested, and sorted on site. To make quick and reliable judgments for both buyers and sellers during transactions. Quantitative analysis of metal components such as ferroalloys (stainless steel, etc.), copper alloys, copper iron alloys, lead tin alloys, hybrid alloys, and on-site rapid material identification and sorting.

2. Application fields and safety, standards (power plants, machinery, petrochemical, military etc.)

Alloy material identification (PMI) incoming material inspection; Inventory material management; Reinspection of installation materials to prevent serious safety accidents caused by mixing or using unqualified materials in industries such as petrochemical construction, metal smelting, pressure vessels, power plants, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, casting, aerospace, etc., ensuring the safety of process equipment materials. Adapt to industry and international and domestic standards such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), Chinese National Standards (GB), UNS, Power Industry Standards (DL), API, JIS, GMP, TSG, and Mechanical Industry Standards (JB). Application in the coating thickness measurement industry: electric power, hardware and building materials, automobiles, plumbing and bathroom, etc.

3. Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA) and Effective Error Prevention (PKKA YOKE)

In the metal processing and manufacturing industry, quality control and quality assurance (QC/QA) and effective error prevention (PKKA YOKE) of materials (raw materials), semi-finished products, and finished products are essential. Mixing or using substandard materials will inevitably cause losses to the enterprise. Various manufacturing industries ranging from small metal material processing plants to large aircraft manufacturers.

4.Nondestructive testing (NDT)

NDT testing does not damage or affect the performance of the tested object, does not harm the internal organization of the tested object, and there is no damage during the entire testing process. The analysis software remotely controls the system, and both Windows based PC and Android based mobile devices can operate the instrument through the software to achieve data synchronization across multiple platforms (instrument, PC, mobile, cloud). The software has functions such as data analysis, spectrum display, report printing, and the instrument client has the ability to send analysis reports through email.


General application fields

  • Nondestructive, rapid and accurate analysis of alloy elements and alloy grade identification on the site
  • Metal identification /scrap metal sorting
  • QA/QC management in metal production, processing, casting, etc
  • Medicine and biological medicine
  • Identification of positive materials, oil refining and petrochemical industry
  • Thermal power plant, hydroelectric power station, nuclear power plant
  • Accurate element analysis of raw material and PMI identification so as to meet production needs and ensure security of equipment and materials used in the process.

5inch Touch Screen SI PIN Portable Alloy Analyzer Fluorescence Spectrometer 05inch Touch Screen SI PIN Portable Alloy Analyzer Fluorescence Spectrometer 15inch Touch Screen SI PIN Portable Alloy Analyzer Fluorescence Spectrometer 25inch Touch Screen SI PIN Portable Alloy Analyzer Fluorescence Spectrometer 3


Technical parameters and specifications

HXRF-140JP Handheld X-ray fluorescence alloy composition analyzer
Detector High performance Si-pin detection component
Excitation source 45KV/200uA-Integrated Micro X-ray Tube and High Voltage Source with Silver/Tungsten Target End Windows
Element detection range

1. Elements from sulfur (S) to Uranium (U) with atomic numbers ranging from 16 to 92

2, Analysis of the main elements in the alloy:

Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Se, Zr, Nb, Mo, Rh, Pd, Ag, Cd, Sn, Sb, Hf, Ta, Re, Pb, and Bi, total 25 elements (can be added further)

3. Optional plating mode: copper silver plating, copper tin plating, etc

Detection object solid
Analytical methods Direct reading analysis method+basic parameter method(FP)
Software Remote control systems, both Windows based PC and Android based mobile devices, can operate instruments through software to achieve data synchronization across multiple platforms (instrument, PC, mobile, cloud). The software has functions such as data analysis, spectrum display, report printing, and the instrument client has the ability to send analysis reports through email;
Size 245mm(L)X91mm(W)X319mm(H)
Weight ≤1.75KG(Including battery)
Microcomputer display system

1. Semi transparent and semi reflective industrial grade customized touch screen ≥ 5 inches

2. Resolution 1080 * 720


1. Rechargeable lithium battery, standard configuration 6800mAh, voltage: 7.2V; Sustainable work for up to 12 hours;

2. The instrument has a built-in battery level display;

Charging mode Universal adapter charging power supply
Collimator, filter

1. Special radiation resistant material collimator, inner diameter 3MM

2. No filter, saves switching time, and software deducts background interference

Front end testing window *≤9mm*5mmWaist shaped window
Test report sending method E-mail Send, Bluetooth synchronous transmission, software synchronous transmission
Data transmission method Wifi,Bluetooth
Maintenance method Remote software upgrade and diagnosis, on-site maintenance, diagnosis
User management Multi level user management function (can create multiple accounts, achieve corresponding person numbers, facilitate management and data traceability)
Protective cover The instrument is equipped with a protective cover, which has radiation and damage protection functions (not standard)
Material sensing and instrument status prompt

1. The body has a material sensing function, which can intelligently identify whether there is a test object in front of it.

2. Intelligent status display light, which displays three working states through the intelligent status display light (red flashing indicates being detected, green flashing indicates there is no object to be tested in front, and green long light indicates that there is an object to be tested in front)

Operating environment temperature and humidity


-20℃ - +60℃


*1. Instrument side measurement value ≤ 0.2 μ Sv/h (after deducting background)

Note: The supplier must provide a copy of the "Handheld X-ray Analyzer (Leakage) Report" issued by a nationally authorized legal metrology institution or a national level testing center in the response document as evidence.

2. Multiple safety protection, no radiation testing;

3. The radiation level during work is much lower than international safety standards, and it has the function of sample free aerial testing and automatic shutdown of X-ray tubes.


Standard configuration:

1. The three defense military protective box has waterproof, dustproof, and shock-absorbing functions *1

2. Rechargeable lithium battery * 2

3. Universal battery charging adapter * 1

4. English manual *1

5. Calibration certificate *1

6. Standard calibration block *1

Optional accessories: base mounted test stand, protective cover

Optional function: plating testing function, video camera function

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