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How to measure the hard chromium plating by HUATEC TG-100E

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How to measure the hard chromium plating by HUATEC TG-100E

How to measure the hard chromium plating by HUATEC TG-100E


Example: The measurement of the hard chromium plating on steel substrate , the thickness of the hard chromium plating is 35μm.

  1. Use the rubber wipe away the passivation films on the surface of chromium plating of the article to be measured.
  2. Depress the testing head vertically on the surface of the article to be measured, applied an adequate pressure until without any leakage.
  3. Electrolytic solution A2 is selected from table2, the cell must be filled with 2 ml of the electrolytic solution by using a dropper. The cell will not be filled full. (The solution level is about 3 mm from the opening of the cell)
  4. Insert the pipette into the bottom of the electrolysis cell. Repeat suck several times, in order to remove the air bubble from the cell, enables the electrolytic solution to contact completely with the chromium plating.

Note: When measuring the chromium plating placing the stirrer is not a requirement.

  1. Depress the plating of Cr select button and the Cr measurement button. (the plating of Cr select button: --- measure the decorate chromium --- measure the hard chromium)
  2. Insert the signal plug into the hole of the screw of the electrode, attach the red signal clip to the plated object and be sure that a proper connection has been done.
  3. press the measurement button, the stirrer begin rotating, when the thickness of 15μm shows on the indicator press the stop button then press the print button(if not the tester could not work normally), renew the electrolytic solution, again press the measurement button. Renewal of the electrolytic solution should be made at frequency of even 15μm until buzzing. Record the thickness of the hard chromium plating.
  4. Clean up the used electrolytic solution by using the pipette. Rise the testing head. Remove the article.
  5. Clean up the internal surface of the cell and gasket by rinse water and wiping. Be sure that there is not any oxidation pro ducts on them before they are replaced back.

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