Iso 2372 Handheld Vibration Meters Dual Channel Touch Screen
Iso 2372 Handheld Vibration Meters Dual Channel Touch Screen
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Beijing
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: ISO, CE, GOST
Model Number: HG3002
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iso 2372 touchscreen handheld vibration meters


dual channel handheld vibration meters


explosion proof handheld vibration meters

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard export package
Delivery Time: 1-4days
Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500pcs per month
Operating System: Win Ce
Storage Capacity: 8G
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD): 3.5-inch True Color LCD Screen, 640×480 Pixels
Touch Screen: Full Screen Touch Operation
Communications: USB
Battery: Lithium-ion Batteries, Operating Anyway >8 Hours
Data Collection: 2 Vibration Channels +1 Speed Channel
Spectrum Analysis: Spectrum Types: Amplitude Spectrum, Power Spectrum, Phase Spectrum, Cestrum And So On
Product Name: Vibration Meters Handheld
Product Description

ISO 2372 Dual Channel Touch Screen Piezoelectric Vibration Sensor Vibration Meters Handheld
The vibration analyzer HG3002 is specially developed for the field portable application. It not only meets the requirements of portable vibration collection, but also realizes the powerful field data collection and equipment fault analysis function. It has a very high cost performance. Vibration analyzer is an indispensable intelligent instrument for condition monitoring, vibration analysis, and fault diagnosis and data collection in factories. It is also an effective assistant for equipment management and maintenance to realize predictive maintenance.
Vibration analyzer is simple to operate, suitable for equipment maintenance personnel, spot inspection personnel, inspection personnel, production personnel and other groups of people to use, the application is very common, with data measurement, recording, analysis and other functions, timely detection of equipment vibration fault and make a judgment.

1. Advanced process design, low power consumption, reliable performance, beautiful shape, easy to use and carry.


2. Manufactured according to national standard, the measured value can be compared with the international vibration intensity standard (ISO 2372) to directly judge the operation state of the equipment.


3. International design standard, software module style, convenient and easy to use.


4. Acceleration, velocity, displacement, kurtosis and other parameters can be displayed


5. The time domain spectrum and frequency domain spectrum can be collected, and the frequency and amplitude can be directly observed.


6. Supercomputing capability can meet the requirements of precise vibration analysis of complex equipment.


7. True color LCD screen, ultra clear resolution, suitable for different working environment


8. Extensible storage design to achieve large capacity storage function


9. Support data playback and can be connected to PC for data analysis

10. Optional function: Temperature testing


System function Technical indicators
Operating system Embedded wince
Storage capacity 8G
Liquid crystal display (LCD) 3.5-inch true color LCD screen, 640×480 pixels
Touch screen Full screen touch operation
Communications USB
Battery Lithium-ion batteries, operating anyway >8 hours
Electronic buttons Radio frequency card
Operating temperature range (-10~50)℃
Humidity 95% RH non-condensing

Data collection

System function Technical indicators
Channel number 2 vibration channels +1 speed channel
Collection parameters Hardware integration processing (no integration, one-time integration, and quadratic integration) can collect acceleration, velocity and displacement
Independent signal processing The signal processing of each channel is absolutely independent to ensure the independence of each channel signal and eliminate interference between channels
Hardware programmed gain amplifier Magnification factor 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 automatically adjust, effectively improve the signal to noise ratio
Simultaneous purchase protection Hardware multi-channel simultaneous sampling to ensure that multi-channel vibration signals are absolutely in phase
Anti-mixing filtering Hardware auto regulation
High speed precision AD: 14-bit, 350K
Dynamic range 96dB Parameter Settings
Variety Sampling frequency, high pass filter, low pass filter and sampling length can be set arbitrarily

Spectrum analysis

System function Technical indicators
Spectrum types Spectrum types: amplitude spectrum, power spectrum, phase spectrum, cestrum and so on
Line number 400,800, 1600,3200
Time domain sampling 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192,16384
Window function rectangle, etc


Name Model Number of vibration channels Speed channel function
Vibration analyzer HG3002 Dual channel 1 channel

Velocity, acceleration, displacement, rotation speed, time domain analysis, frequency domain analysis, axis center trajectory.

Optional: Temperature testing

Iso 2372 Handheld Vibration Meters Dual Channel Touch Screen 0Iso 2372 Handheld Vibration Meters Dual Channel Touch Screen 1Iso 2372 Handheld Vibration Meters Dual Channel Touch Screen 2Iso 2372 Handheld Vibration Meters Dual Channel Touch Screen 3Iso 2372 Handheld Vibration Meters Dual Channel Touch Screen 4Iso 2372 Handheld Vibration Meters Dual Channel Touch Screen 5Iso 2372 Handheld Vibration Meters Dual Channel Touch Screen 6Iso 2372 Handheld Vibration Meters Dual Channel Touch Screen 7
Mechanical equipment fault analysis

According to the actual situation, through a variety of analysis methods, can turn a subclass of diagnostic equipment’s fault (base of the loose, unbalanced, shaft bending, axial crack, resonance, surge, oil film vortex, oil film oscillation, rotating stall, the rotor and stationary pieces of friction, rotor interference fit interference, seal gap and instability). Bearing faults (bearing wear, bearing pitting corrosion, bearing oil shortage), gearbox faults (gear wear, gear eccentricity, gear pitch error is too large) and other mechanical faults.


For the flow bearing and gear system, the monitoring of high frequency pulse signal is the most basic requirement, our company provides a special dimensionless index detection, you can quickly confirm the rolling bearing base gear system fault, and determine the degree of failure.

Application of equipment

Vibration analyzer is suitable for measuring the vibration of various rotating machinery and equipment. It is a general type instrument and meter. It can measure fans, motors, compressors, steam turbines, and machining centers, winding machines, crushers, grinders and other rotating machinery and equipment.


Iso 2372 Handheld Vibration Meters Dual Channel Touch Screen 8

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