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Touchable X-ray Flaw Detector Photographic Paper Washing Machine 660 Mm / Min

Touchable X-ray Flaw Detector Photographic Paper Washing Machine 660 Mm / Min
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Paper Speed: 660 Mm / Min
Flushing Process: Development, Fixing / Stability 1, Stable 2 Drying
Developing Time Adjustable Range: 30-60 Second Standard Process 45 Seconds
Temperature Adjustable Range Of Liquid Medicine: 20-40℃(±0.1℃)
Adjustable Range Of Drying Temperature: 40-75℃
Adjustable Range: 10-200mm/0.3㎡
High Light:

x ray inspection equipment


welding x ray machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: ISO CE
Model Number: HDL-M810R
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: in carton
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500
Product Description

HUATEC HDL-M810R Photographic paper washing machine

Outstanding features

Touchable X-ray Flaw Detector Photographic Paper Washing Machine 660 Mm / Min 0

1. Microcomputer series

The classic microcomputer system is used to ensure the normal and safe operation of the machine. The protection system ensures that the computer is separated from the liquid and water vapor so as to ensure the life of the machine. With a touch of your finger, you can easily adjust the parameters you need and adjust the scope (see technical data).

Touchable X-ray Flaw Detector Photographic Paper Washing Machine 660 Mm / Min 1

2. Explicit and definite drug tank

ABS plastic is used to ensure that there will be no corrosion and leakage. The design of only produced flume ensures that the liquid does not pollute each other. The two washes ensure the quality of the film and the preservation of the film for a long time.

Touchable X-ray Flaw Detector Photographic Paper Washing Machine 660 Mm / Min 2

3. Drive roller group

Using DuPont materials to cast rollers, acid and alkali resistant, will not easily expand or crack.

Touchable X-ray Flaw Detector Photographic Paper Washing Machine 660 Mm / Min 3

4. Transmission structure

Guarantee the transmission of the film and the synchronous transmission of the slot frame.

Touchable X-ray Flaw Detector Photographic Paper Washing Machine 660 Mm / Min 4

Model / technical data HDL-M810R HDL-M810RA
Drug water technology RA4 RA4
Flushing process Development, fixing / stability 1, stable 2 drying Development, fixing / stability 1, stable 2 , stable 3 drying
Paper speed 660 mm / min 1100mm / min
Developing time adjustable range 30-60 second standard process 45 seconds 30-60 second standard process 45 seconds
Temperature adjustable range of liquid medicine 20-40℃(±0.1℃) 20-40℃(±0.1℃)
Adjustable range of drying temperature 40-75℃ 40-75℃
Adjustable range 10-200mm/0.3㎡ 10-200mm/0.5㎡
Dry in/out time (standard process) 4 minutes and 30 seconds 4 minutes and 30 seconds
The widest paper 815 mm (32 inches) 815 mm (32 inches)
The narrowest paper 50mm 50mm
The shortest paper 150mm 150mm
Drug tank capacity 22 liters / drifting 22 liters, stable 22 liters *2 32 liters / drifting 32 liters, stable 22 liters *3
Developing drug circulation 19 liters / minutes 33 liters / minutes
Net weight 300kgs 400kgs
volume 1400*1160*1160mm 2000*1160*1160mm
Power Supply 220V50Hz5.5Kw 220V50Hz7.5Kw


Detailed introduction


Humanized design concept:


1. large screen LCD display, display data at a glance.

2. menu type data setup and modification program is accurate and convenient.

3. automatic black box design, easy operation.

4. beautiful and harmonious shape design, people love.

5. the super large capacity of collecting nets, no need to take care of films.

6. even if you are in the same studio, you will not feel much noise.

7. exhaust emission system is designed to ensure the quality of the air in the studio.



The operation is convenient:

When the digital color paper washing machine is designed, it takes full consideration of the goal of convenient operation and good feeling. In the dark box cover, the height of the film, the storage of the back piece, the replacement of the filter core, the removal of the roller frame, and the placement of the roller are carefully designed. The computer control system is fully automatic control. As long as you open the power switch, you can automatically enter the work program. When the temperature is added to the medicine, put into the flush flush, the computer automatically opens the roller transmission system, the water washing valve, the drying heating system and the calculation of the area of the flush flush from the dynamic calculation supplement. When no flush is flushed, it will automatically enter the energy saving state. Two standard and self selected programs are designed in the computer, and all parameters can be automatically converted by pressing the movement.


Digital display:

The digital color paper washing machine is designed with a large screen liquid crystal display, which can be displayed on the display, fixing, drying and other data during operation. With the computer control system, the temperature, speed, flow rate, 24 hour preheating time, data deviation correction and program are set and converted, and the operation observation is carried out. It's very convenient.


Reliable transmission:

The misplaced roller conveyor system used in the washing machine has eliminated "metal ring" in the roller frame, thus thoroughly solving the card and chasing phenomenon caused by the easy breaking of the "metal ring". In the shaft frame design, it also ensures the appearance of the film without any "scratch" and "card" phenomenon, even flushing the 60 meter scrolls paper. And the smallest size sample can also be successfully washed.


Convenient maintenance:

The design spirit of the digital color paper washing machine in maintenance and maintenance is that you do not need to use any tools and easily display all the components in front of you in five minutes. The computer board, electrical control box and transmission rod in the machine are all installed on the right side of the machine, filter, heater, circulating pump, supplement. Pump, drain valve, overflow (water) pipe, temperature probe is installed on the left main board of the machine, and the sides of the side are easy to open, and the drying rack is not needed to be dismantled and can be lifted for maintenance.


Anti oxidation design:

Digital color paper washing machine in the drug tank, the addition of anti drug oxidation device, the user even under the standard operating rate below the standard, the production of liquid oxidation and crystallization will make you feel surprisingly small, thus reducing the liquid gas emissions in the indoor air pollution, and greatly saving the liquid consumption and stability. The quality of flushing.


High efficiency:

In order to meet the high requirements of fast and flushing drum paper for drying, especially in the drying hot air system, an innovative design is carried out. The blower imported the German imported products, combined with the advanced hot air diversion system structure, making the drying efficiency twice as much as that of the other models. Even when the strip flushed continuously, there is no water trace or drying. Even in the high humidity environment and the use of domestic film, the film is also dry and bright.


It is very convenient to maintain:

Light and flexible roller frame design is easy and easy to extract. The components can be disassembled and maintained without using tools. The machine is equipped with rollers at the bottom, and the whole machine moves easily and conveniently.


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