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Bright Room Film Washing Machine Hdl-k14b Ndt X Ray Film Developer Machine X Ray Developer Machine

Bright Room Film Washing Machine Hdl-k14b Ndt X Ray Film Developer Machine X Ray Developer Machine
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The Size Of The Film: 8 X 10 Cm To 35 Cm Wide
Running Time: 105 Seconds, 135 Seconds And 165 Seconds
Water Consumption Film Running: 1.6 Litres / Min (Flushing Film)
Volume: (long * Width * High) 82 X 52 X 42 Mm
High Light:

welding x ray machine


industrial x ray machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: ISO CE
Model Number: HDL-K14B
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: in carton
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500
Product Description

HUATEC HDL-K14B NDT bright room film washing machine film processor


HDL-K14B is a film flushing machine operated in the bright room. It is simple and simple in structure. It is especially suitable for scientific research colleges, laboratories, vehicle mobile operations, small medical institutions, and photographers.


The film processor is a fully automatic desktop processor. Film is developed, fixed, washed and dried in four steps.
The film processor can automatically develop film and has a standby status program. The developing temperature can be adjusted, and the medicine solution for the tablet is automatically circulated.
This user manual will provide you with important guidelines in the installation and operation of machine maintenance. Please read the guide carefully.

Bright Room Film Washing Machine Hdl-k14b Ndt X Ray Film Developer Machine X Ray Developer Machine 0

Bright Room Film Washing Machine Hdl-k14b Ndt X Ray Film Developer Machine X Ray Developer Machine 1


1. new design, no need to supplement fluid can also be normal

2. The display and fixing potions are specially designed, and the potions are fully flowing to prevent oxidation and crystallization.

3. integrated development, fixing, washing and drying. It can also ensure that no film is flushed in any working condition and achieve high-quality image effect.

Technical parameter

The size of the film is 8 x 10 cm to 35 cm wide

Running time of 105 seconds, 135 seconds and 165 seconds

The entry speed is 280 mm / min (running time is 105 seconds).

The developing time was 28 seconds, 33 seconds, 35 seconds,

6 liters of the volume of the drug tank (each addition capacity)

The developing temperature can be adjusted from 28-37 degrees

The setting temperature is automatically adjusted according to the developing temperature

65 degrees of drying temperature

5~30 degree of water temperature

Water consumption film running 1.6 litres / min (Flushing film)

Power 220~240V6A 50 or 60Hz

38 kilograms (no liquid in the slot)

Volume (long * width * high) 82 x 52 x 42 mm

The dark box of HDL-K14B punching machine is made of special Polaroid material. The user can see the whole process of the dark box loading and film flushing, and the bright room is washed without the need for the establishment of a dark room.


Chemical solution
Chemicals should be mixed according to the manufacturer's instructions, stir well, and filled into 5L fixing tanks and 5L developing tanks in their respective containers. Be careful not to spill different chemical liquids into other liquids. Otherwise the fixing will damage the developer.


Development temperature setting
The temperature control panel on the front of the processor is adjusted to the temperature required for the washing process (generally set at 26-39 ° C). When the development heating temperature is set, the heating indicator changes from red to green, which indicates that the film can be fed.


Run time setting
The speed on the front of the film is adjusted to the time required for the processing process (6-7 minutes is generally used for processing industrial flaw detection films).


Use of film processor dark room
The user does not need to build a dark room intentionally (to ensure that the X-ray film is exposed during the dark bag loading and film processing); the loading and processing of the HDL-K14 NDT portable industrial flaw detection X-ray film processing machine can complete in the black box, so that it is suitable for vehicle movement.

Note: If the ambient light is too strong, cover the see-through red light board to avoid film exposure.


X-ray film processing
The film processor has adjusted the temperature and running time. The temperature indicator changes from red to green, and the machine enters the standby state. The X-ray film can be processed. The X-ray film must be sent on the left side of the film feeding plate. ( film sending sensor is on the left side of the feeding plate); when the sensor senses the film, the machine motor and drying system start to work, and the second X-ray film can be sent after the first film head comes out of the drying section. After the X-ray film comes out, the machine will stop running after a period of time, and the machine will automatically enter the standby state.

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