220x80mm 5.0 Darkness Led Industrial Film Viewer 500000 Lux
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: ISO CE
Model Number: HFV-600C
High Light:

220x80mm industrial film viewer


led industrial film viewer


500000 lux industrial film viewer

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: in carton
Supply Ability: 500
Maximum Brightness: 161,000Cd/㎡(500000LUX)
Light Source: LED Light Source
Observable Blackness: 5.0D
Dimming Mode: Nonpolar Continuous Dimming
Light Source Life: ≧10000 Hours
Color Temperature: 6500K
Light: Automatic Adjustment By Infrared Inductor, Omit Foot Switch
Observation Screen Size: 220x80mm
Uniformity Coefficient Of Observation Screen: ≧95%
Power: Exchange: Input 100~240V Output 24V 5A DC: 24V
Power Consumption: 120W
Dimension: 360X95X195mm(length Width High)
Product Description

220x80mm 5.0 Darkness LED Industrial Film Viewer Industrial Film View Lamp , Led Film View Machine


General introduction:

The LED Industrial X-Ray Film Viewer HFV-600C combines advantages of both domestic and foreign film viewers, overcome various defects of traditional fluorescent lamp film viewers, such as low luminance, poor contrast and short lifetime. It is developed absolutely according to the Norm of ISO 5580 Industrial radiographic illuminators minimum requirements. Thanks to the portable, rugged and smart design, they are extremely suitable for fieldwork. It will come to be your right-hand man of you for sure.

With Super power LED(SMD), special design of cooling fan, the HFV-600C can detect the micro defects on the film at 5.0 darkness. No matter you use with foot switch mode or manual mode, the HFV-600C can work 12 hours continuously without any film curly.



1. Adopt all-digital control mode, no flicker, no glare. The dimming is flexible, convenient and precise. You can adjust the light with just a few taps.

2. HFV-600C can display the black and white density value of the film according to the intensity of the light; when dimming, it can also quickly adjust the light required by the film according to the black and white density value, which is the first case in China.

3. The original light-shielding board automatically absorbs and makes viewing the film more convenient.

4. New real-time temperature acquisition system, which realizes real-time protection of the light source. The user can press the "mode" button and hold it for more than 2 seconds, the temperature will show. When the radiator temperature reaches 55°C, the film viewer automatically adjust the brightness of the light to the lowest level, and the panel flashes the "H H" symbol. When the temperature drops to normal, it will automatically return to its original brightness, and the display of the panel will also automatically return to its original black and white density value.

5. The automatic mode adopts an infrared sensor device, when a film is placed on the film viewer, the brightness is automatically increased to the set position. When the film is removed, the brightness is automatically reduced to the minimum (1.0) to protect the eyes, reduce power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

6. Using the most advanced imported white light source technology crystal frame and large chip from the United States, specially customized ultra-high-power LED light source, real cold light source, ultra-bright LED, can clearly observe micro-defects on the black below 5.0D. The degree of uniformity is above 0.9.

7. The observation screen adopts imported high-quality acrylic sheet, which has transparence beyond glass, good diffuse scattering performance, and is durable, does not change color.

8. According to the physiological characteristics of the human eye, the color temperature of the LED is limited to 6500K, which is not dazzling, and the eyes are not easy to fatigue even if viewed for a long time.

9. It adopts PWM low-voltage digital electronic continuous dimming technology, which can adjust the brightness in an ultra-wide range of 5%-100%, so that you can adjust it as you want; and automatically remember the last working state without repeated adjustments.

10. The constant current drive method designed for the film viewer ensures the normal operation of the LED to a greater extent, so as to achieve the purpose of extending the life.

11. With the uniquely designed heat dissipation system, no matter it is in automatic mode or manual mode, the photographic film will not curl after 12 hours of continuous work.


Specifications for HFV-600C:

1. Maximum Brightness:161,000Cd/㎡(500000LUX)

2. Observable film darkness: ≤5.0

3. Average color temperature: 6500K

4. Display screen maximum dimension:220X80mm

5. Observation of surface average angle: 0.9

6. Power: exchange, input 100~240V output 24V 5A DC: 24V

7. Power consumption: 120W

8. Appearance dimension:360X95X195mm(length width high)


Three types LED film viewer distinction

Model Maximum Brightness Observable film darkness magnifying lens
HFV-600A 125,000cd/m2 (388,000Lux) ≤4.5 handheld
HFV-600C 161,000Cd/㎡(500,000LUX) ≤5.0 handheld
HFV-600D 125,000cd/m2 (388,000Lux) ≤4.5 removable on the machine body



*: After plugging in the power supply and pressing the power switch, the viewing light does not light up.

Solution: Please confirm whether your power grid is faulty, and then check whether the output of the DC power adapter is normal, and then check whether the fuse is burned out, if the fuse is burned out, please cut off the power supply and replace the fuse.

*: The film viewer is very noisy.

Solution: You can clean the dust of the cooling fan, and check use environment, try to avoid dust entering the machine through the cooling window, causing the fan accumulate dust. When the film viewer is not in use, it is recommended to use a dust cover to cover the film viewer.

*: The "H H" symbol flashes on the panel of the film viewer, the light brightness reaches the minimum, and the dimming fails. Solution: This is an alarm signal that the temperature of the film viewer is too high. At this time, the ventilation condition should be improved to make the surrounding air circulate. When the temperature of the viewing lamp drops to normal, it will automatically return to its original brightness, and the display on the panel will also automatically return to its original black and white density value. If this does not solve the problem, it may be that the fan inside the film viewer is malfunctioning.

*: Putting the shading board on the sensor is invalid, and the upper half of the screen leaks light.

Solution: Check the placement direction of the shading plate, and place the notch downward.


220x80mm 5.0 Darkness Led Industrial Film Viewer 500000 Lux 0


Standard delivery:

  1. Main Unit 1Pc
  2. DC adapter 1Pc
  3. Power cable 1Pc
  4. shading plates 2Pcs
  5. Straight handle magnifying glass 1Pc
  6. Spare fuses (5A) 2Pcs
  7. Foot switch 1Pc
  8. Manual 1Pc
  9. Calibration certificate 1Pc
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