Wet Sponge Pinhole Porosity Holiday Detectors Holiday Detector Test HD-104
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Beijing
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: ISO, CE, GOST
Model Number: HD Series
High Light:

SPY Holiday Detector


Holiday Test Equipment

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Standard export package
Delivery Time: 1-4days
Payment Terms: T/T, Paypal, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500pcs per month
Calibration: •Automatic Sensitivity Calibration And Voltage Checks
Detector Range: 9V ——300µm,67.5V—500µm,90V——500µm
Sensitivity: 9V——90KΩ+5%,67.5V—125KΩ+5%,90V——400KΩ+5%
Accuracy Of Voltage: +5%
Battery: Li-pol Rechargeble Battery 11.1V/1100mA
Product Description

Wet Sponge Pinhole Porosity Holiday Detectors Holiday Detector Test HD-104



HUATEC Group HD-104 wet sponge pinhole leak detector applies the wet sponge testing technology, meets the new standard of wet sponge pinhole leak detector on the design which is high quality and low voltage leak detector. The instrument is used to detect the pinhole, gap, damage and other defects of the isolative coating under 500 micrometer on the conductive substrate. HD-104 is multi-voltage leak detector.

HD-104 wet sponge pinhole leak detector meets the following criteria: ASTM 3894.2, ASTM D-5162 A, ASTM G6, ASTM G62-A, BS 7793-2, ISO 8289, ISO 8289 A, ISO 14654, NACE RP 0188.



  • Supplied ready to use
  • three closable voltage: 9V/67.5V/90V
  • Automatic sensitivity calibration and voltage checks
  • Low battery indicator
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Integral and separate wand functionality
  • A wide range of fully interchangeable wand accessories
  • Easy release snag proof cables
  • Large standard sponge
  • Optional inspection kit for all your requirements is available.

Technical specifications
Detector range           9V ——300µm
Sensitivity                    9V——90KΩ+5%
Accuracy of voltage    +5%
Battery                          Li-pol rechargeble battery 11.1V/1100mA
Power                           ≤0.5W
Weight main unit        500g
Size                               290×53×53mm
Voltage indication       LED indication for each voltage
Batterycharging          12VDC charger
Sponge size                170×70×30mm
Detecting rod length  195mm
Earth wire length         4m



Principle of Detection and structure description


1,Principle of detection:put the wet sponge on the coating,the liquid infiltrate into the pinhole, turn on the circuit with the substrate, HD-104 detects the circuit automatically, then make a sound to alarm. Three voltage indicator turn on at the same time, then the pinhole will be detected. User can mark at the pinhole for future repair.

2,Structure description:



Wet Sponge Pinhole Porosity Holiday Detectors Holiday Detector Test HD-104 0


(1)——sponge brush;

(2)——probe stick;

(3)——probe stick terminal;

(4)——rubber sheath;

(5)——9V indicator;

(6)——67.5V indicator;

(7)——90V indicator;

(8)——low voltage indicator;

(9)——voltage switch;

(10)——rubber retainer;

(11)——power switch;


(13)——rubber retainer;

(14)——grounding/three core plug wire;

(15)——grounding wire;


3,structure description:the instrument consists of host, grounding wire and sponge brush.

(1)host: equipped with integrated control circuit, lithium batteries, sound and light alarm device and so on;

(2)grounding wire: connect with the substrate of detected target;

(3)sponge brush: connect with the surface of detected target after soaking.


Operation steps

1,read up the instruction of instrument, make clear the functions of each part, the specific names are shown in structure description.

(1)voltage switch: adjust the output of three voltage to adapt to different anti-corrosive coating;

(2)power switch: turn on/off the power;

(3)9V indicator: when the light is on, then output voltage value is 9V;

(4)67.5V indicator: when the light is on, then output voltage value is 67.5V;

(5)90V indicator:when the light is on, then output voltage value is 90V;

(6)low voltage indicator: please charge;

(7)grounding charger: connect the grounding wire to charger;

(8)probe stick terminal: connect the probe stick;

(9)rubber retainer: protect the instrument when falling;

(10)light alarm zone: three voltage indicator light at the same time to alarm when there is leak point detected;

(11)handle: hold the handle when detecting;

(12)probe stick: connect the sponge brush with host;

(13)sponge brush: connect with the surface of detected material after soaking in the conductive liquid or water;

(14)grounding wire: connect the grounding/three core plug with the substrate of detected material;


(1)assemble the host, probe stick, sponge brush and grounding wire according to the HD-104 instruction, use powerful magnet to adsorb on the bare surface of metal tube wall, then use grounding wire clip to clamp the magnet. User can also connect the grounding wire clip with the bare surface of metal tube wall.

(2) use conductive liquid(water) to wet sponge brush.

(3)contact the wet sponge brush with the other side of bare surface, the instrument should send out light and sound alarm signal which mean that leak detector is ready. Move the wet sponge on the surface of anti-corrosive coating closely when detecting leakage. According the alarm signal to find the leak points, do some marks at the pinhole for future repair.

(4)The surface of the anticorrosive coating should be dry before leak detection. If the coating is in an environment (such as salt spray) where an electrolyte can be formed on the surface, the coating surface should be washed and dried before leakage detection. During leak detection, the electrolyte shall be at least 13mm away from the end of the metal pipe or the exposed metal surface.


Matters need attention

1,if leak detector will not be used for a long time, user should fully charge the batteries; charge the batteries for each 3~6 months.

2,for not affecting the effect of leak detection, grounding wire should have good contact with the metal part of detected material.

3,sponge brush which is made of PVA uses Germany technology, has super absorbent and toughness. If the sponge has become harden before using, please put the brush in the water around 2~3 minutes to use(water temperature should be under 80 degree). Do not insolate. Keep the brush wet for each time use in order to not influence the detection. Put the brush in a sealed bag for next time use.


Standard delivery

HD-104 pinhole main unit              1pc
Standard wand and flat sponge 1pc
Earth wire                                           1pc
Charger                                              1pc
Carrying case                                    1poc
Manual                                                1pc
Warranty card                        1pc

Wet Sponge Pinhole Porosity Holiday Detectors Holiday Detector Test HD-104 1


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